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As solo-entrepreneurs we often find ourselves facing the dilemma of ‘so much to do and so little time’. Occasionally, it can become overwhelming or worst, it can create paralysis. It is then that we need to take a time-out.

A time-out need not be long, it can be half an hour to an hour in some cases even less. The ideal time-out is something that each individual must determine. Some suggestions are –  take a bagged lunch to the beach and look at the ants, crabs and other creepy crawlies. Enjoy their life for a moment. They have all they need, food, shelter, work and a community that supports them. Really enjoy it. Forget about yourself; look at how they deal with challenges. There is so much to learn.

Or, if the beach is not for you, look at the clouds. Try to remember what type of clouds your teacher said they were, or if that is too taxing, figure out the shapes. Is there a message in the sky for you – maybe there is a silver lining.

Still can’t do that, then say hello to a plant, it could be said aloud (if you dare), or silently. Talk to it as you would any living being. Appreciate its beauty.

Ok. So you can’t (or really don’t want to) leave your desk. Then look at a picture. You put it there to inspire you. Spend a moment, enjoy the memory or the day dream, but recognise it for what it is – a short time-out that gets you re-focused on your goal.

Another great way to take time out is to help someone. You can call a friend who is going through a difficult time and help him out.

Be deliberate when you take a time-out and fully enjoy the moment.

Why not share your favorite time out activities? Contact us: we would love to hear from you.

Melena Simmons is a marketing consultant, business coach and solo-entrepreneur.

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