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Do you know what you want, even know how you can get it, but can’t seem to get on with it?

If you answered aes then you may need a coach.

Coaching is a relatively new profession – it has been around since the 70’s a and is only now gaining recognition as it has expanded rapidly in recent years. Initially only a few of the Fortune 500 companies used Executive Coaches to help their senior managers achieve their professional and personal goals. Over the years, Coaching has grown to the point where the profession is more and more niched. So you can get a life coach, a wellness coach, a retirement coach, a business coach, a coach for women in transition, just to name a few.

As in other areas, the Caribbean is trailing the world in this field, even though in the past three years I have met at least three life coaches.

One of the many things that a coach does is to help you move forward to achieve your goals and live the life you always dreamed of. A coach is a co-creative partner, who listens deeply, both to what is and is not said and uses this insight to help you develop and implement your own plan.

Coaches recognize your inner wisdom and through the co-creative process; draw it out and keep you accountable for achieving your targets, without making you feel guilty for not achieving them. A good coach is also an accountability partner, recognizing that each individual is fully responsible for her own life, yet keeping you accountable for all the things you decided you would do.

So maybe by now you are thinking that you have a friend who does that, why do I need to pay a coach? Well here are a few reasons to consider:-

1. Coaches are confidential;
2. Coaches are available when you need them;
3. Coaches are professional;
4. Coaches do not judge or condemn you.
There are several other reasons why you should consider hiring a coach.

Check us out here again and we can look at this topic further.

Melena Sealy-Simmons is a Consultant, Trainer, Business Coach and Mentor.

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