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Contributed by Rosemarie Layne

This perspective is a great way to get to know and accept your belly and body, and to realize that each type is beautiful. Every belly has its own appeal, and each dosha type dances through life in her own style. For example, a pitta type might want to show off her muscular belly with clothes that bare the midriff, while kapha types might favor plunging necklines to make the most of their cleavage. But I’m getting ahead of myself. What follows are short summaries of the doshas:

Vata types are governed by sound and touch. They’re naturally slim and not muscular, with slender hips and narrow, downward-sloping shoulders. They may be either taller or shorter than average and live a rather active life. So, if you’re made up mostly of vata, you’ll be naturally thin and probably have a flat or even concave belly – think fashion model. But watch out!

When vata types gain weight, most of it hangs out around their waists, and they can easily grow a little pooch, even when the rest of them looks thin.
Vatas also tend to get bloated, which makes their bellies puff out, but it’s usually due to digestive problems, not fat. Middle-eastern music fascinates vatas because of the intricate rhythms and instruments. Their physical movements can be fast, intense, and very exciting.

Pitta types are visually oriented and have a medium frame along with moderately developed muscles, including their belly muscles. Physically, their movements have strength and endurance, and they move with determination – think tennis champion.

So if you’re mostly pitta, and you eat too much and aren’t physically active, your belly will grow along with the rest of you, but it will probably be in proportion. Pittas also enjoy belly dance because of the beautiful, glitzy costumes.

Kapha types respond to taste and smell. They’re the voluptuous ones, with heavy bones, broad shoulders, and wide hips. They can be quite tall and tend to be born to lounge. If you’re mostly kapha, most of your fat will be located around your hips and thighs – think earth goddess. You can have a perfectly flat belly or a nice round one, but this is more than balanced by your bottom!

Kaphas gain weight most easily and may find it difficult to lose. Physically, their movements may be slow, steady, methodical, and quite graceful. They especially love belly dance because the feminine movements emphasize their curves.

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