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Rev. Lynn Armor – Reiki Master/Teacher, Healer, Naturopath, Herbalist, Shaman, Medicine Woman, Teacher, Guide and Ritual master, Mentor, a shining light for all the world to see.

Lynn made her transition from this plane on the morning of Thursday, 14 March 2013.

A native of Canada, Lynn Armor first came to Barbados in March 1995 at the invitation of Michael Rudder and Colbert Goddard, both of whom had travelled to Trinidad, among others, to study Reiki with her there. From her first day, she settled in and prepared to make the island her home away from home. By her second visit in October 1995, Lynn was already talking about bringing her husband and son, both also Reiki initiates, to visit, which she did on several of her subsequent half-yearly trips. She also brought other family members and one or two of her students. By her third visit, she was leaving a stock of teaching materials, books and a summer wardrobe here. She belonged.

Lynn loved Barbados and Barbadians and forged many close friendships with her students, several of whom would turn up during her free time to take her to the beach or to lunch or even to their homes to visit with them.  The beach was her favourite place and she was happy to make that her first outing every morning before sun-up. She liked socializing and loved dancing and her students often arranged parties in her honour.  Lynn enjoyed cooking, especially breakfast, and often prepared this meal for herself and her host or hostess. The student who dropped in at breakfast time was usually lucky to be treated to one of her fantastic omelettes or she might share one of her green fruit/vegetable/protein shakes.

She was kind, thoughtful, caring and generous with her time and her talent. She did not allow a student’s inability to pay stop him from gaining knowledge that he would find useful and she often ‘threw in’ a lot more information than was contracted for in a particular class. She also offered free classes to people in return for kindnesses they had shown to her.

Lynn was well-versed in all aspects of her work and it was not possible to talk to her, consummate Teacher and Master that she was, without gaining some new and interesting insight; however, she considered herself to be very much a student and was constantly finding new areas of knowledge or teachings in which to immerse herself.

In her first several years as a teacher in Barbados, Lynn’s primary focus was Reiki in the Western tradition and she was responsible for training many people in this healing art; as a back-up she also offered related courses such as Reiki Practitioner training, basic anatomy and nutrition. On a service level, Lynn offered Reiki treatments, body chemistry testing and nutritional consultations to her students and their referrals. She also gave public lectures on nutrition.

In 1998, Lynn became a Teacher with the Rocky Mountain Mystery School (now renamed the Modern Mystery School) in the direct lineage of King Salomon and after a while began to offer some of the school’s teachings and healings to her students. She herself rose rapidly in the hierarchy of the school and became a Guide, an Advanced Ritual Master and one of the School’s Master-Teachers. As a result, there is a growing body of Mystery School students on the island, including several Teachers, two Guides and three Ritual Masters.

In 2003 Lynn was invited to Japan to teach Shamanic Studies and Herbal Medicine. While there, she was guided to study the Eastern tradition of Reiki, called Jikiden Reiki. This too she subsequently shared with students, friends and acquaintances in Barbados and there is a small, but dedicated, group of people who practice this form of Reiki.

At home, in addition to teaching, Lynn owned and operated Ancient Heart Breath, a healing practice which offered full services to keep families healthy, strong and vital on all levels from birth to transition. She was known as “the Healers’ Healer” and “The Mother’s Mother”, offering “complete services of Rest, Rejuvenation and Refocusing on all levels – Physical, Mental and Emotional”.

In addition to all this, Lynn was a Shaman/Medicine Woman according to the Native American teachings of the Sweet Medicine Way of the Twisted Hairs Métis Medicine Society where she apprenticed for 10 years under White Cougar Woman (Kristine Nickel-Gray) in a lineage dating back to 1250 BC.  Lynn also worked with several other notable medicine women. In addition she studied with Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Lynn carried out peace pipe ceremonies and sweat lodge ceremonies, offered medicine wheel teachings and did healing work using Shamanic journey and soul retrieval.

A talented lady with a wealth of knowledge surpassed by few, Lynn is to be honoured for, inter alia, her dedication to being of service to humanity and to empowering all “one breath at a time”, as she herself once said.  Her students are proud to have had her as their teacher and many of us are blessed to call her friend. We often felt when in her presence that an angel walked among us. May the angels now welcome one of their own.

19 March 2013

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