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The short Reiki treatment can be used anywhere, anytime, if someone does not feel well or is exhausted and in need of an energy charge. It is also very helpful in cases of stress and headaches. We let the Reiki receiver rest comfortably in a chair. Make sure that the legs are not crossed or the hands folded, as this could block the energy flow.

The hand placements are as follows:

1. First onto the shoulders

2. Next onto the top of the head – optional – not now regularly used in general treatments

3. Then onto the sides of the head (temples)

4. One hand at the base of the skull, with the other hand over the forehead

5. One hand on the 7th vertebra (the prominent one), with the other hand over the throat

6. Then one hand on the chest and the other in a corresponding position on the back

7. Then over the solar plexus (or stomach) and the back

8. Next over the abdomen and lower back down to the tail bone (if appropriate)

Knees and ankles can be treated if the person has a problem in those areas.

Excerpt from A Complete Book of Reiki Healing by Brigitte Müller and Horst H Günther.

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