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This is to advise you of the Barbados Reiki Association’s 7th Annual General Meeting, as required by the Constitution of the Association.

Date: Thursday, 05 February 2009
Time: 7 p.m.
Place: The Main Guard (Clock Tower), The Garrison, St. Michael

All Reiki initiates are invited to the meeting. Please do come to find out what the Association is doing for Reiki in Barbados.

There is ample parking. We will be having refreshments and a prize draw later in the evening!

The Agenda is attached. If you wish to have any other items added, please contact the President, Michael Rudder (435-2506) or Vice President, Kathleen Hurley (428-4186), to advise on same.

There are seven Committee posts to be filled; these are noted on the Agenda. Please remember that you can only vote if you are a member in good financial standing. To facilitate this, the Treasurer will be available to accept your fees ($50.00) half an hour before the meeting is due to start.

Also enclosed is a Nomination Form. The closing date for nominations is Thursday, 29 January 2009. If you wish to vote but are unable to attend, you may use the enclosed proxy voting form. Please note that you are entitled to one vote per position.

The Committee encourages your attendance at the AGM as your support and comments are extremely important to help determine how the new Committee will direct its efforts. For this year, the thrust was to continue to make Reiki more visible through various public programmes, such as the Open Day, The Nation’s Healthy Lifestyles Fair and participating in the American Embassy’s Health Fair. In addition, there was much promotion of our Open Day on Radio and Television. This year the Open Day was held for the first time at the Ursuline Convent’s School Hall. Fourteen other therapists participated. There were also displays of Yoga, Tai Chi and belly dancing.

Initial plans for a Reiki Gathering in October were traversed to 2009. Instead we held our annual retreat – this time at Verdun in St. John.

This meeting will provide you with an opportunity to share your views and to take part in guiding the Association into the future.

If you have been trained and inducted in the Reiki method of healing but are not a member of the Association, this letter is also being sent to you to encourage you to join and to attend the AGM. The present Committee is aware of the vast Reiki population in Barbados and suggests that re-linking into the healing community will be an important step to joining our energies in a meaningful way. If you have not been practicing Reiki, the meetings offer you an excellent opportunity to reconnect to the method.

The present Management Committee, on behalf of its current members, as well as those that have served through the year, wishes to thank the membership for its confidence in voting us into these positions of trust. It has been our privilege to keep the Reiki spirit alive and well through the year.

Please bring the Agenda with you. The Constitution and draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 2008 will be available at the meeting.
In Reiki unity, love and light

Michael Rudder

(Note: The official notice of the AGM has been reprinted in full. Please contact the President, Michael Rudder (435-2506) or Vice President, Kathleen Hurley (428-4186), if you wish to receive any of the attachments mentioned.)

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