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What happens when I receive the King Solomon 22 Strand DNA Activation?

Upon activation the Master Cell located in the pineal gland, begins to physically transmute over time, clearing itself of any cellular or genetic abnormality. Eventually it transforms itself into the perfect cell. All the cells in your body take their patterning from the Master Cell. As your old cells die off, new cells continually regenerate to replace them according to the blue print of the Master Cell. Whatever cellular or genetic mutations exist encoded within the Master Cell at the time of regeneration will transmit to the newly forming cell.
Note every cell in your body will regenerate at least once every seven years. Imagine living in a body with every cell perfect!

How can I Facilitate this Transformation?

As you undergo this process, you will utilize two extraordinary homeopathic products to facilitate cellular clearing. Antimony Purificato helps to release cellular toxins and Antimony Crystalis facilitates the release of genetic debris.

Using these two products faithfully morning and evening can accelerate the process to completion in approximately three years instead of seven.

How does this DNA Activation affect my family?

You can consider your DNA as a form of family karma because your ancestors passed it to you and you in turn, will pass it on. Any changes in your genetic structure will affect three to five generations backwards into the past as well as forwards into the future. Therefore, any alteration to your DNA will likewise affect the DNA of those persons within this six to ten generation span. In the case of the deceased, the soul body (a physical body, although at a much lower density than the one we experience) will receive the activation.

The King Solomon 22 Strand DNA Activation also works laterally in your family tree to include all of your siblings to the extent that they share your genetic heritage. As a result, the DNA activation clears family karma of genetic patterns for physical and mental disorders as well as certain behavioral karma like feelings of victimhood and unworthiness.

Contributed by Melena Simmons

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