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by Pamela Miles (reprinted with permission)

We’ve hit that point in January by which people who weren’t going to keep their resolutions have already broken them.


Having never made a New Year’s resolution, I don’t know how it feels to break one, but I’m guessing it might downgrade one’s self-esteem a notch.

If that’s how you are feeling — now or ever — please stop and:

  • apply your Reiki hand to your heart or solar plexus,
  • remember the goal of your resolution (which was certainly not to lessen your self-esteem),
  • reconnect with the spirit with which you made your resolution, and
  • negotiate a new plan that enables you to move toward your goal with enthusiasm and resolve, one that you’ll more likely want to do rather than have to do.

Seriously, right now, place a Reiki hand.

If you can’t physically move your hand to your heart at this moment, imagine doing it.

And notice the difference. Simply typing “place a Reiki hand” slowed my breath.

Many Reiki blessings,

And so much gratitude,



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