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Contributed by Verity Dawson

How do you relate to the following?

1. Day to Day Clutter: items not used, too much stuff, mess, undusted shelves

Result: emotional (or actual) constipation

Cure:  Ask yourself: Do I need it?  Do I love it? Would I take it with me if I moved?

2. Physical Clutter: overweight, too much junk food, general feeling of malaise

Result: feeling sluggish, low energy

Cure: Do a de-tox (but check in with your medical practitioner first)

3. Representational Clutter: unconscious negative messages such as artwork with a sad subject, unfinished projects, things that remind you of bad experiences, broken stuff
energy being drained unconsciously

Cure:  Give away or trash

4. Invisible Clutter: emotional issues not resolved, people/clients who drain your energy, unspoken emotion, incomplete relationships.
remaining attached to the very experiences you want to forget and which now have power over you

Cure:Â Read a helpful book which explains about Forgiveness and clearing emotions; speak to a counselor or Life Coach.

5.  Past Times Clutter: books/papers from a past career or interest, files kept longer than necessary, things kept ‘just in case’, clothes which do not fit, hobbies and collections now not followed
Bogged down feeling and reluctance to move

Cure: Trust that you will have all you need when you need it and let go of the ‘just in case’ items.

6. Mind Clutter: To-do’s, worries and grievances, watching too much TV, too much busy time, unchallenged beliefs, crowded Pending or Inbox.

Result: Can’t focus for all the information stored.

Cure: Give yourself a sabbatical.  Take a half day off and relax. Make a simple list of the most urgent Things to Do (and do them!)

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