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Dear Members and Friends

The Association’s Holiday Party will be held on Thursday 5th December, 2019 at our usual venue at CGI building, Collymore Rock. Members, friends and family are all welcome.

For the first time we are having a gift exchange and you are reminded to start crafting the green gift you want to contribute. Please make it affordable, and environmentally friendly so recycle, upcycle or re-use something from your home, garden or the beach! If you need ideas there are plenty on the internet or if push comes to shove, buy something green to give. Examples include flowers, herbs, seedlings, plants or any other produce from your garden; drift wood made into something creative, wine bottles or jam jars upcycled to storage containers, lamps, tealight holders, vases, etc. etc.

Donations and contributions towards the event would be greatly appreciated. If you are able to donate food or beverages we would be pleased to know in advance so as to assist us with the catering. This will be an opportunity for all Reiki practitioners to socialise and enjoy the start of the festive season. We look forward to your company at this annual social event.

Update: see photos of the 2019 holiday party.

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