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Dear Members:

As we grow, so do we expand our experiences.   One of them is the use of the BRA website and mailing lists for purposes other than giving a global face to the BRA and its activities.

We also need to take into consideration that all the Board positions, the Medical Outreach sub-committee as well as our able Webmaster, are voluntary.  In order to reduce the workload, the Board has looked at the following carefully and has created some guidelines.

1. Requests for healing of members, their families, friends, acquaintances, situations

These will not be circulated to the Members nor the greater Reiki community through the BRA mailing list.


a. Create your own healing pool to tap into.

b. I can draft an e-mail to our members to ask who would want to be part of a BRA healing group.  Once we have a reply to that, our Secretary is happy to create a special mailing list and will forward any request.  I will be sending out an e-mail to that effect shortly.

2. Notices for individual classes to be circulated through Members mailing list

The BRA already provides the possibility to our members to have their notices posted on the website.  Therefore, individual notices will not be circulated via e-mail. The classes being shown on the website must be holistic in nature and have the general theme of natural healing.  Please send your request to Sharon Hurley-Hall.

3.  Notices for general community events

These will need to be posted on the website and not circulated through the mailing list.  Please send them to our Secretary, Lena Nicholson and myself for review first.

4. Members List

In order for the BRA community to be aware of each other, we would like to publish an annual list of members and their e-mails (or telephone number if they do not have access to the internet) for our Members.  This will be held in strict confidentiality by members.  Because of the volume of e-mails circulating, we would suggest that these e-addresses only be used for personal contact.  I will send an e-mail asking permission from our Members for this list to be distributed internally.

Verity Dawson,

President, Barbados Reiki Association

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