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Dear Members and Friends of Reiki,

Many hospitals and other healthcare institutions in the United States,
Europe and other parts of the world are now offering their patients
the option to include complementary therapies as part of their
treatment plan. Patients are also more and more interested in a
holistic approach to the treatment of their illnesses. The value of
these ancient healing systems and practices, such as reflexology,
acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy, visualization, homeopathy, and
Reiki, is being recognised as a useful complement to Western medicine
and increasingly, scientific studies are being undertaken to evaluate
them. Is there a place for these therapies to be integrated into
healthcare in Barbados?

The Open Forum on Reiki in Medicine seeks to bring together allopathic
healthcare practitioners with Reiki and other complementary health
practitioners for an evening of sharing and dialogue in order to:

1. enhance mutual understanding

2. enhance understanding of Reiki as a healing modality, particularly
its use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities outside of

3. explore its relevance and potential value in healthcare in Barbados

The highlight of the evening will be a panel discussion, which will
address the following questions:

1. What would allopathic healthcare practitioners need to know about
Reiki to recommend it to their patients?

2. What obstacles would need to be overcome to have Reiki integrated
in the offerings at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and other hospitals?
How might these be overcome?

3. Should the training of doctors and nurses include in depth
information on Reiki and other complementary therapies?

We look forward to your attendance and participation on May 2nd 2013.

Please find see the invitation for more details.

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