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The HHF is over for another year and a good time was had by all. B.R.A. President Eugene Holder made some opening remarks, excerpted below:

Since 1998, our Association has partnered with other holistic and complementary health practitioners, in promoting and presenting healthy lifestyles, products and food choices, in what is now becoming an annual event.

This year, our focus is on childhood overweight and obesity, and we are conscious of the negative impact on the health of the younger persons in our society, by their selection of food, exercise and other lifestyle activities. This is also one of the concerns of medical personnel in the Caribbean.

The Barbados Reiki Association is pleased by the interest shown in this year’s event, and this acknowledges that our theme, ‘Good Health Matters’, encompasses the desire of many persons and businesses to combat the growing number of chronic diseases, which may be linked to our lifestyle choices, poor eating habits and stressful living and working conditions.

All practitioners and exhibitors here today, have suggestions and methods of dealing with many of the harsh realities, of 21st Century lifestyles and demands. The Holistic Health Fair makes a positive contribution, by showcasing these different complementary modalities, therapies, products, food choices and relaxation techniques, which work in conjunction with existing and accepted medical approaches. During the course of the day, we will be presenting talks and information at scheduled times, and this should further educate on what is available to enhance overall wellbeing.

In order to present this event, we have had the commitment and hard work of our HHF 2017 organizing committee; the support of our sponsors and contributors which include Sign Station Barbados, Aroma Friendly, Massy Stores, R L Seale and Co., Foster and Ince Group of Companies, National Cultural Foundation, The Travel House, Canadian Women’s Club of Barbados, The staff of Harrison College, and the wholehearted support of the members of our organization and many of our friends. To all of you who are once again supporting our venture, we hope that you will have a wonderful, relaxing day; sampling and enjoying all that is being presented with you in mind.

We acknowledge the support of the Ministry of Health, who have always embraced our attempts at integrating holistic ideas with existing medical care, and who have graciously accepted our invitation to open our event today.

There was also an official opening by Ms Norma Bynoe, Deputy Chief Public Health Nurse, who commented on the need to include Reiki and other complementary healing modalities in an overall approach to better health. Additional excerpts will be shared at a later date.

Here are a few images from the day on our Facebook page here and here. Enjoy!

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