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Dear Members and Friends,

We’re pleased to share this year’s calendar of upcoming events for the Barbados Reiki Association.  Please see below, or download the poster as a handy reference guide.

  • Thursday 2 May Presentation: Living Reiki, Reiki share
  • Thursday 6 June Discussion: What is our responsibility to save the planet?, Reiki share
  • Saturday 6 July Reiki on the beach: family and friends welcome
  • Saturday 10 August Practitioner Summer Lime
  • Thursday 5 September Caribbean gathering update, Reiki share
  • 26-29 September Caribbean Reiki Gathering
  • Thursday 3 October Mini-expo, Reiki share
  • Sunday 27 October Annual Retreat
  • Thursday 7 November Movie night & discussion
  • Thursday 5 December Reiki Holiday Party
  • Thursday 9 January Reiki Share
  • Thursday 6 February AGM

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